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Utah Solar Energy Offers Great Return On Investment

By February 25, 2013No Comments

Utah Solar Energy Offers Great Return On Investment

Provo Utah Solar InstallationOften times when speaking with a homeowner or business owner we bring up what kind of return on investment they can expect from their Utah solar power system. It is amazing that many people don’t consider this when making the decision whether or not to install solar energy on their home or business.

Solar prices have fallen significantly over the past few years. That combined with the State and Government tax incentives have made Utah solar power a great investment opportunity.

It is not uncommon for homeowners and business owners to see an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on their solar energy system of 8% – 12%. I think that we can all agree that it will be very hard to find an 8% IRR on any other investment.

Not only will solar energy save you money, provide a great return on your investment but it will also help the environment. It is time to take a step away from dirty energy and move towards clean renewable energy. There is no better time than now to install a Utah solar energy system.


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