Benefits of Solar

Learn about some of the benefits to going solar


By installing solar panels on your Utah home, you will see significant savings on your electric bill from day one. The cost of electricity in Utah is increasing, with yearly increases in some markets as high as 5% a year. Once installed, a solar energy system on your roof will lock in your power rate forever, protecting you from rising costs of energy, economic uncertainty, and lower your monthly expenses.

Building a new home? This is the perfect time to add solar power! Not only can you amortize the cost of the system in to the home loan, but when you go to sell the home, it will sell 15 days faster on average.


It is no longer a secret that traditional energy generation is polluting our planets air, environment and water. Utah has not been immune. 90% of Utah’s electricity is derived from the burning of coal, the most toxic of all carbon based fuels. By installing a solar energy system, you will help clean Utah’s precious air and simultaneously reduce our nations dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels. The clean energy you produce will also help to combat greenhouse gas emissions and fight global climate change. Start helping the environment and fight the Utah inversions today by going solar!

We provide all clients with real time solar production monitoring that shows the equivalent energy impacts of their solar array. For example, based off a home that produces 5,000 KWh of solar energy a year. Click HERE to see real time environmental benefits for one of our clients.


Have you ever thought what it would be like to produce your own electricity? Once Redstone Solar installs your Solar Photovoltaic system, your home will start to generate power immediately and start to lower or eliminate your electricity bill. Every household consumes a different amount of electricity daily, that is why it is important to have Redstone Solar design the correct system for your home. By installing solar panels on your home you will still be able to draw power from the utility grid, but your new system will allow you to avoid higher priced electricity and stay in the lowest priced energy tiers.

If your new solar system generates more power than your household consumes, the excess power you generated flows back into the utility grid. If you generate more power than you use in a month, the power company will typically allow you to “bank” the excess production for later consumption. The great thing about having a “grid-tied” system is that there is no need for expensive batteries that will inherently wear out- the excess power is instantly used by your neighbors connected to the electrical grid.


With the rising cost of energy; federal, state and local government agencies are offering tax credits and rebates for homeowners that choose to install a solar energy system on their home. All of the potential credits and rebates can drastically reduce your cost to install your new solar energy system.

The federal government allows you to deduct 30% of your solar energy cost from your federal taxes through an investment tax credit (ITC). A qualified CPA can help you through the paperwork during tax season to make sure you get the full value of your investment.

The 30% federal solar tax credit is calculated off the total cost of the solar system installed on your home. For example, a homeowner installing a $20,000 solar energy system would receive a $6,000 federal solar tax credit. The federal solar tax credit expires on December 31, 2016 and applies to both principle residences and second homes.


In addition to the federal tax credit, the State of Utah offers a 25% credit against the total system cost, with a cap of $2,000. Most clients max out the Utah Solar Tax Credit. The State of Utah has recently updated their procedures for the Renewable Energy Credit and we are dedicated to helping you through the paper work.

Filling out all the required documentation to receive the federal and state rebates can be confusing and time consuming. At Redstone Solar, we are committed to helping you receive the most out of your solar energy system. We will walk you thorough the process to fill out and receive your rebates. Contact us today to see how much you can save on your utility bill by switching to solar energy, as well as the amount of federal and state rebates you can expect to receive.


Once a year, Rocky Mountain Power draws names for a solar power lottery. For the 2015 year, a small handful of lucky customers are selected to receive up to $4,600 towards the installation of a residential solar array. Incentives are also available for small non-residential power customers. These incentives greatly enhance the financial returns for the selected customers. Contact us today to learn how you can get your name entered in the lottery. Click <a href=””>HERE</a> to get signed up for this years Rock Mountain Power solar lottery!