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Anderson Residence

Solar Panel and Battery Installation

Redstone Solar installed this solar panel and battery system for this Provo Utah customer. This project was prewired during the construction of the home. This is a great way to increase the aesthetics because the wires were run through the walls, attic, and floor joists. The inverter, transfer switch, and the battery was located inside the utility room and there is no visible conduit on the side of the home. Check out this 10 kW Solar and 16 kWh battery installation providing this customer with a whole home backup.

Product Details

Solar Array Size– 10 kW
First Year Production – 15,000 kWh
First Year Savings – $13,000
Solar Panel Manufacturer – LG
Inverter Manufacturer – SolarEdge
Battery Manufacturer – LG
Transfer Switch Manufacturer –SolarEdge
Attachment Manufacturer –SnapNrack

Building a New Home? Prewire For Solar Panels!

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