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Sandy Utah Uninstall Reinstall Reroof

Redstone Solar installed this 30-panel solar installation 10 years ago. Over the last decade, this system has produces 90 mWh of of electricity valued at around $14,000. A lot of solar installations will outlive the roofs that they are installed on. When it was time to get a new roof Redstone Solar uninstalled the solar panels and reinstalled them on the new shingles. The system was updated to current codes and is ready to produce electricity for another 10 years. 

Product Details

Solar Array Size– 7.8 kW
10 Year Production – 90 mWh
10 Year Utility Savings – $14,000
Solar Panel Manufacturer – Solar World
Inverter Manufacturer – Enphase
Attachment Manufacture – SnapNrack

black solar panels on roof
black solar panels on roof
Solar panels on home in sandy utah
Roof top view of black solar panels
Black solar panels on roof

Uninstalling Solar Panels

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