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Salt Lake City Solar Energy Installation – Parkinson Residence

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Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City County Solar Installation

System Overview

Solar Array – 10.2 kW
Annual power production – 14,965 kWh
Average Monthly Production – 1247 kWh
Average Daily Production – 41 kWh
34 – LG 300N1K-G4 Black watt black solar panels

System Savings

Estimated Monthly Energy Bill Savings – 80%

This low-profile Salt Lake City solar energy installation will provide 80% of the homeowners yearly power needs resulting in an estimated $1,144 in electric bill savings. LG Solar Panels were installed to take advantage of an awesome south facing roof and paired with a SolarEdge P320 power optimizer to maximize energy harvesting, minimizing any potential shading from snow, leaves, and ventilation pipes. Salt Lake City has awesome solar resources – find out how you can start producing clean electricity today.

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