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Riverton Utah Solar Panel Installation – Sirrine Residence

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Riverton, UT

Salt Lake County Solar Panel Installation

System Overview

Solar Array – 13.86 kW
Annual Power Production –1,9404  kWh
Average Monthly Production – 1,617 kWh
Average Daily Production – 53 kWh
Estimated Federal Tax Credit – $15,384
Estimated State Tax Credit – $2,000

44 – LG 315 Watt Black Solar Panels
44 – Solar Edge P320 Optimizers
2 – Solar Edge HD Wave 7600 Inverters
1 – Iron Ridge XR Racking System

System Savings

Estimated Monthly Energy Bill Savings – 100%

This low-profile Riverton Utah solar panel installation will provide 100% of the homeowner’s yearly power needs resulting in an estimated $2,716 in electric bill savings. High performance LG black solar panels were installed to take advantage of the suns energy and paired with SolarEdge P320 power optimizers to maximize energy harvesting. Riverton City has awesome solar resources – find out how you can start producing clean electricity today.

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