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Provo Utah Repair and Maintenance

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Smith Residence

Utah County Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance

Redstone Solar uninstalled and reinstalled this Provo solar panel installation. These solar panels have been installed for 10 years and were in need of maintenance. This install was one of the first rooftop solar panel installations of Redstone Solar. When this system was installed it was the larger solar panel system in Utah County. Over the last ten years, these panels have produced 120 mWh of electricity. Saving this Provo Utah homeowner around $15,000 on his power bills. The system was updated to all current electrical codes, cleaned, and had a pest protection kit installed to keep the pigeons out. It’s expected that this system will keep producing power for another 10 years!

Product Details

Solar Array Size– 9.8 kW
First year Production – 13,300 kWh
First year Savings – $1,000
Solar Panel Manufacturer – Canadian Solar
Inverter Manufacturer – Enphase
Attachment Manufacture – SnapNrack

Provo home with solar panels on roof
black solar panels on roof
Drone photo of solar panels on roof of home
Enphase M215 micro inverters on roof
Pest protection screen around solar panels

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