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Alpine Solar Install

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Sorenson Residence

Utah County Solar Panel Installation

Redstone Solar designed and installed this solar and battery system in Alpine Utah. This installation uses 57 of the best solar panels from LG, 3 of the Energy Hub inverters from SolarEdge,  2 batteries from LG Energy Solution, 1 EV charger from SolarEdge, and high-quality black attachments form SnapNrack. This system produces over $4,000 in electricity each year and is projected to produce $150,000 in electricity for over 25 years. Redstone Solar worked with local municipalities to help provide this Utah customer with tax rebates and incentives saving them an estimated $24,000 on the cost of the system.

Product Details

Solar Array Size– 20 kW
First year Production – 32,000 kWh
First year Savings – $4,000
Solar Panel Manufacturer – LG Solar
Inverter Manufacturer – SolarEdge
Attachment Manufacture – SnapNrack
Battery Manufacturer – LG Energy Solution
Car Charger Manufacture – SolarEdge

Close up drone photo of LG solar panels on roof
LG NeON R Prime solar panels on roof of utah home
LG solar panels on roof
SolarEdge Backup Interface, Energy Hub Inverter, and EV charger
Audi Etron being charge in garage by SolarEdge EV charger
LG solar panels on roof of utah home
SolarEdge EV Charger and Energy Hub Inverters
Audi Etron being Charged with SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverters and Electric Car Charger

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